DAMARIS: She is the workshop team leader.  Very organised, serious about her job, knows how to speak to her colleagues on very good terms, but also very friendly and caring of the whole team.  She loves reading novels and real-life stories.  Damaris has been working at the company for four years.

Skills:  Excellent management, weaving and communication skills.

MERY: She's a very cheerful woman, always smiling.  Chatty and very punctual with her work.  She has two daughters and loves visiting her mother who lives in the country side.  Mary has been working for six years in the company.


ANDREA: She is the youngest of the weavers,  and usually the one who keeps others laughing during team gatherings, she also loves to sing and recently became mother of her first child.  She is a biology student, passionate about nature, plants, animals and life in general.  In the LeJu family for over 6 years.

Weaving skills: Earrings and BT bracelets.



Workshop assistant and right hand for our marketing director.  One of her most important tasks is social media customer support and quality control, making sure that every single piece of jewelry is in perfect condition. Very punctual, attentive and responsible. She is also one of the youngest artisans.  In her free time she likes to spent time with her sisters and loves nature. Sara has been working for the company for two years.

Skills:  Attention to detail and general workshop management.

BERTA: Very efficient and productive, reserved and punctual .Berta makes all the cushions for our company.  She loves also belly dance, painting and family activities. Mother of three children.  In the LeJu family for 11 years.

Weaving Skills: Necklaces 

SANDRA:   is Very dedicated to her work, perfectionist and efficient. Her colleagues consider her shy but at the same time cheerful.

Weaving skills:  Web bracelet



MARTA:  Always smiling.  Mother of three beautiful daughters and very hard-working.  Martha supports her entire family on her own which isn’t easy but she is still one of the most positive weavers of the team.  A dedicated mother always aware of the importance of the education of her daughters.  Marta has been in the company for over six years.

Weaving skills: Tila bracelet 

DIANA:  Dedicated and a perfectionist in her work, mother of three children, a very strong woman and dedicated to her family.  She has been working at the company for over 4 years

Weaving skills: Earrings 

LEIDI:  Mother of one child. Delivers her productions always on time even though she lives far away from our workshop.  Very helpful in the making of samples of new designs and any task required in the workshop.  In the LeJu family for over three years.

Weaving skills:  Macrame technique and Earrings


JAQUELINE: Mother of two children.  One of the most experienced weavers in the team.  Responsable, reliable and great team player.  Her family name is Chiguasuque is very respectedin her indigenous community.   In the LeJu team for six years. 


MARIA PAULA:  The youngest weaver in the team. Loves sports and movies.  Currently studying Industria Engineering.  Loves weaving as she finds peace when doing and also helps her with mind balance.   In the team for one year.